Barnyard Salvage

The team at Barnyard Salvage specializes in providing professionally milled reclaimed wood moulder blanks to flooring manufacturers across the country. This relationship allows us to offer antique flooring products to our customers without all of the costs associated with the intensive labor that goes into reclaimed wood. With one phone call, our customers are able to order what they want to fill their need, be given a hard cost and a realistic delivery time. We also carry a standard stock inventory for those “next day” orders. All of our products are custom cut to meet each customer’s specifications.

Best options in reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is valuable from a historical perspective. Our reclaimed wood is removed from the dismantling of antique wood structures that no longer serve a purpose and for which restoration is not practical. We preserve history and reduce the impact on the environment by doing this, thus we are able to offer the best the past has to offer in reclaimed wood, original barn siding, reclaimed timbers, and vintage wood mantels. We take great pride in our work, and continually strive to assure that our clients receive the absolute best reclaimed wood products.
To put it simply, we give new life to old wood.