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Professionally Milled Reclaimed Wood

The team at Barnyard Salvage specializes in transforming reclaimed lumber from years ago into material for today’s projects. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your current home, or bringing the beauty of reclaimed lumber into your home or business through a smaller project, we want to help.

Best Options in Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is valuable from a historical perspective. The reclaimed wood from Barnyard Salvage is removed from the dismantling of antique wood structures that no longer serve a purpose and for which restoration is not practical. Reducing the impact on the environment, by doing this Barnyard Salvage preserves history, and thus are able to offer the best the past has to offer in antique hardwood flooring, reclaimed wood, original barn siding, reclaimed beams, and vintage wood mantels. We take great pride in our work, and continually strive to assure that our clients receive the absolute best-reclaimed wood products. To put it simply, we give new life to old wood.



Our Core Values

Our Goal is to make the best antique wood products, every time, keeping our customers in mind through every step of the process while helping the environment by recycling old wood.

What Our Clients Say

“”My wife and I have been so pleased with the flooring that was installed this past summer. Not only has it brought new life into our home but knowing that the lumber used was from a recycled source makes us feel as though we have given back in some degree. The group at Barnyard Salvage was professional through the entire process and I would recommend their product and services to anyone looking for flooring their home or business.””


“I am so happy with my new wood floors from Barnyard Salvage.  Having these antique floors in my home get more compliments than I have ever had before.  The warm tones really make it relaxing when my husband and I get home from work.”


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