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Barnyard Salvage is …

Different in so many ways.  We are dedicated to using resources that have already been used to provide a higher quality while bringing our clients the very best products.  Our clients are looking for something unique and special.  Each of our antique wood products are sourced from old barns and building and have time to age.  Instead of losing this amazing texture by being destroyed we recycle this wood to make truly beautiful products you cannot get anywhere else.  Take a look at what makes us special.

Our Process Makes Us Who We Are!

White Barn ready to get deconstructed for repurposing at the Barnyard Salvage Facility in Lynchburg VA

It all starts here!

We source all of our materials from deconstructed buildings such as barns, textile mills, and factories that no longer serve a purpose. Our many years of experience has allowed us to build strong relationships with those whose expertise is in dismantling these structures, allowing us to focus on our area of experience, milling this amazing resource. Our craft starts when the reclaimed lumber arrives.

Raw Wood Stacked and ready for processing in the warehouse of Barnyard Salvage in Lynchburg VA

Raw Recovered Wood Waiting to be Processed

All wood is brought back to the main warehouse and stacked, waiting to be turned into something beautiful.

Stacks of wood ready to go in the warehouse at Barnyard Salvage in Lynchburg VA


Before we mill the reclaimed lumber, all of it is denailed by hand. Our crew of denailers ensure the wood is ready to be processed safely and efficiently through our machines.

Antique wood going throught the Resaw process at Barnyard Salvage 600


Once the wood is prepared, it goes through our resaw where we turn beams and 2 inch stock into 1 inch thick boards.

Antique Wood drying in the Kiln at Barnyard Salvage in Lynchburg VA 600

Kiln Drying

Resawn wood is then dried in one of our kilns to ensure our customers receive the very best products. Drying the wood removes all moisture and elements from years of being outside.

Antique Wood going through the planer to get a good finished look and thickness at Barnyard Salvage 600


Once the kiln drying process is complete, material is then planed to the proper thickness on our planer.

Antique Wood going through the planer to get a good finished look and thickness at Barnyard Salvage 600


Planed material is ripped to width, maximizing yield of each board.

Final Milling process of Antique wood boards at Barnyard Salvage 600

Final Milling

We use state of the art equipment to process the milled lumber into the final flooring product.

Stacks of wood ready to go in the warehouse at Barnyard Salvage in Lynchburg VA

Stacked Wood Ready for Shipping

What a beautiful sight to watch raw antique wood renewed into something quite special. Once the process is completed, the antique lumber is bundled, stacked and ready for shipping.

Antique yellow pine flooring after it has been finished on client site for Barnyard Salvage

A sight for all to admire

Once you have flooring, or any other products from Barnyard Salvage, you truly have a one of a kind, a unique masterpiece that no one else can match. The beauty of the finished product is always of top quality and will serve you for years to come.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is dedicated to giving you the quality products every time you purchase from Barnyard Salvage. We are only interested in making our clients happy each and every time.

Rich Marilla
Rich MarillaPresident
Rich has been in the antique wood business for over 20 years and has the experience you need for your recycled wood products.
StormyCustomer Support
Stormy works with our retail customers and handles daily office operations.
Kevin Scott
Kevin ScottProduction Manager
Kevin has been with Barnyard Salvage for over 19 years. His experience and expertise is utilized in countless ways from training employees and setting up machinery, to delivering the finished product to our customers.
Kenny Lee
Kenny LeeDenailing Leader
Kenny oversees the denailing process and material flow to the production area.
Kenny Mantiply
Kenny MantiplyMilling Leader
Kenny manages the flooring and end matching process to ensure the final product meets our standards before shipping.
J. J.
J. J. Briquette Machine Operator
JJ operates the Briquette Machine that converts all of our saw dust waste into our Barn Burner Briquettes. We make and sell 500-600 tons of Barn Burner Briquettes annually, keeping JJ very busy.